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Some common problems of laser cutting

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-06
1. Laser processing, is it suitable for all materials? In my opinion, the answer to this question is 'yes'. Because, both metal and non-metal materials can be processed by laser. In terms of processing equipment, there are laser marking machines, laser welding machines, and laser cutting machines. 2. What are the main components of laser processing technology? Laser processing technology, I think, mainly includes cutting, welding, drilling, marking, engraving, scribing, and surface treatment. Therefore, its technological scope is still very large, and there are many, so it is widely used. 3. Which laser equipment should be used for simple cutting and punching? And what about cutting and patterning the upper surface? Also, can laser engraving be processed on round tubes? The specific answers given by the editor for these three questions are: for simple cutting and punching, a laser equipment such as a laser cutting machine should be used. For cutting and patterning on the surface of the upper, a laser marking machine should be used, because the processing effect is better. Laser engraving can be processed on a round tube, but a stepping motor that can rotate must be used, otherwise, a good processing effect cannot be obtained. The above questions are all related to laser processing. Therefore, the editor gave specific answers and explained them in detail, so that everyone can have a deep understanding and correct understanding, rather than a half-knowledge or misconceptions, which will further affect To see the effect of the product, at the same time, let yourself lose more than the gain.
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