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Shrinkage occurs during injection molding of outdoor power supplies

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-13
What should I do if shrinkage occurs during injection molding of outdoor power supplies? Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Factory pointed out that during the injection molding process of plastic parts, the melted raw materials are first put into the cavity, and after the filling is completed, the material cools and solidifies, and the plastic parts will shrink when they are ejected. This process is called mold shrinkage. During the time when the plastic part is taken out of the mold and cooled, it will shrink again. This process is called post-shrinkage. So, what should I do if the shrinkage occurs during injection molding of outdoor power supplies?

Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Factory stated that shrinkage is a common adverse phenomenon. There are many reasons for shrinkage in the injection molding process of outdoor power supplies. It is necessary to analyze specific problems and give targeted solutions.

1. In terms of injection molds, gate and runner cross-sections are too small, poor mold sealing, poor mold exhaust, asymmetric gate positions, uneven or insufficient cooling of the mold may cause shrinkage problems; for cross-section prenatal education , it is recommended to expand the area of ​​the corresponding position to change; if the mold sealing is not good, it is necessary to check the mold sealing; the poor exhaust of the mold needs to be screened from the design and use links; the gate design should be in a symmetrical position as much as possible;

2. On the injection molding processing machine, due to the nozzle hole is too small or partially blocked, the feeding system may not work properly, etc. may cause shrinkage; choose the appropriate nozzle hole, replace or clean it in time if the problem is found;

3. In terms of raw materials, there is too much moisture or volatile matter in the raw materials, too little lubricant, and the shrinkage rate of the resin is large; so the raw material should try to choose a resin with a low shrinkage rate as the raw material, dry it fully, and increase the amount of lubricant in an appropriate amount;

4. In terms of injection molding process, if the melt temperature is too high or the mold temperature is too high, the injection time and holding time are too short, and the injection pressure and holding pressure are too low, etc., it will cause shrinkage problems; therefore, melt temperature design, injection and holding The pressure duration control should be reasonable;

5. Injection molded parts such as outdoor power supplies have inserts or uneven wall thickness; for inserts, try to choose metals with small expansion coefficients during injection molding, and add glue around the inserts to reduce shrinkage; try to ensure that the wall The thickness is uniform, not too different.

The above is a brief introduction of Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Factory on 'shrinkage during injection molding of outdoor power supplies'. If you are interested in technologies related to injection molding of outdoor power supplies, please contact us by phone.
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