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Shouban technology - water transfer printing

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-08
1. The transfer film must be kept at a room temperature of about 25 degrees, with a humidity below 70%, and cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. 2. The water temperature of the water tank is kept between 25-30 degrees, and the water surface should be kept in an overflow state with a constant temperature water tank for transfer printing. 3. Keep the water surface clean, free of activator residues and other impurities. 4. Put the film at a slightly oblique angle and place the film flat on the water surface. Be careful not to put the film upside down. 5. Set the dissolution time of the film according to the temperature of the water. The temperature of the water is generally between 25-30 degrees, and the dissolution time of the film is about 1 minute. 6. Before spraying the activator, prepare the product to be transferred. There is no dirt on the surface of the product, so as not to affect the appearance. Adjust the air pressure of the spray gun to achieve the best atomization state. When spraying the activator, the distance from the nozzle to the water surface is about 25-30cm, and the back and forth speed of the spray gun should be uniform. Generally speaking, the activator can be sprayed after dissolving for about 1 minute, and the film can be applied and transferred after the ink pattern on the film paper spreads flat. 7. Before applying the film, it is necessary to select the angle of launching according to the shape or texture of the processed product, so as to facilitate the air discharge. 8. After transfer printing, do not take out the water immediately, but shake it in the water for 2-3 seconds, which can increase the time for the pattern to bond to the transferred object. The activator spray gun should be 1.2mm in diameter*4 holes and can be stirred In the pressure operation industry, the water volume of the sink needs to be overflowed and the last water needs to be cleaned. After rinsing, the water droplets on the product must be dried by air before being put into the oven.
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