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Sheet metal processing burr removal problem

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-10
1. In sheet metal processing, should we all know and be clear about its related drawings? According to Wo Neng, a sheet metal prototype processing manufacturer, the answer to this question is affirmative, that is, the relevant drawings of sheet metal processing must be clearly known, otherwise, the processing work cannot be carried out. And in this way, the effect and quality of sheet metal processing can also be guaranteed, and then, to avoid some problems, or to avoid unnecessary troubles, which will affect the use effect of the product. 2. How to determine the bending coefficient in sheet metal processing? Are there any factors associated with it? In sheet metal processing, for the operation of bending, there is a parameter of bending coefficient. Moreover, this is an important parameter, so it should be taken seriously and cannot be taken lightly. As for the relevant factors, there are three related factors: material thickness, bending requirements and bending equipment. Moreover, it is generally an experience value, which cannot be accurately calculated. 3. If the sheet metal parts obtained after sheet metal processing have burrs, must they be removed? If the sheet metal parts obtained after sheet metal processing have burrs, whether to remove them depends on the specific parts that appear, and whether it will affect the assembly and use of the workpiece. If it will affect subsequent processing or assembly, or scratch the user, then it must be removed; otherwise, if it has no effect, it does not need to be removed.
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