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Shanghai Mulan two-color injection molding factory-two-color mold-two-color injection molding processing

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-18
Mold has always been called the mother of industry, and it plays a vital role in the development of the manufacturing industry and even the national economy. With the rapid development of the mold industry in recent years, the proportion of plastic molds in the mold industry is also increasing. Two-color plastic products are more and more widely used in home appliances, automobiles, medical and industrial fields, and two-color injection molding is also becoming more and more popular. Favored by manufacturers. the so-called
Two-color injection molding refers to the molding process in which 2 different materials or 2 raw materials of 2 different colors are injected into the same set of molds to achieve 1 injection molded part with 2 colors or materials. So what are the two forms of two-color injection molding equipment?

One form is that two injection systems (feeder, screw) and two identical molds share a mold clamping system, and the mold is fixed on a mold rotary plate. When one of the injection systems injects a certain amount of A plastic into the mold (not filled), the rotary plate rotates quickly, and the mold is sent to the working position of another injection system. This system immediately injects type B plastic into the mold until the cavity is filled, and then the plastic is kept under pressure and cooled. Unmold after shaping. In this form, it is possible to produce mixed fly material parts with obvious color separation

Another form is that two injection systems share one nozzle, and the opening and closing net is installed in the nozzle passage. When one of the injection systems injects a certain amount of plastic melt through the nozzle, the opening and closing valve connected with the injection system is closed. , the on-off valve connected to another injection system is opened, and the plastic melt of another color in the injection system is injected into the cavity of the same secondary mold through the same nozzle until it is filled, cooled and shaped, and the two-color clay is obtained Combined plastic parts. In fact, after the injection process is established, the opening and closing of the opening and closing net and the time of reversing are adjusted to produce plastic parts with various mixed patterns.
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