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Shanghai injection mold quotation process

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-22
Shanghai Injection Mold Quotation Process, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory said that the injection mold quotation is especially for some complex home appliance molds, printers, copier molds, especially automotive molds. Due to the complex structure of injection molds, many standard parts, and complex hot runner systems, So it is difficult to grasp the degree. The injection mold price we quoted must not only allow the factory to realize profits, but also allow customers to accept the price quoted by us, which is even more difficult to control. In short, there is no certain standard for the quotation of injection molds, and each company decides according to its actual situation and customer needs.

1. Empirical calculation method: injection mold price = material cost + design fee + processing fee and profit + value added tax + mold trial fee + packaging and transportation fee

The proportions are usually: material cost: materials and standard parts account for 30% to 40% of the total cost of the mold; processing fee: 30%; design fee: 5 to 10% of the total cost of the mold; mold trial: large and medium-sized molds can be controlled Within 3%, small precision molds are controlled within 5%; packaging and transportation fees: can be calculated according to actual conditions or 5%; VAT: 13%; profit: 20% to 30%.

2. Material coefficient method: According to the size of the injection mold and the material price, the material cost of the injection mold can be calculated.

Injection mold price=(3~6)*material fee; forging mold, plastic mold=6*material fee; die-casting mold=10*material fee.

3. Mold quotation estimate

(1). First of all, it depends on the customer's requirements, because the requirements determine the choice of materials and heat treatment process.

(2). Choose a good material, draw a rough injection mold plan, and calculate the weight of the mold (calculate the price of the core material and mold base material) and the cost of heat treatment.

(3). Processing cost, according to the complexity of the mold core, the processing cost is generally 1.5 to 3:1 with the price of the core material, and the processing cost of the mold base is generally 1:1.

(4). The risk fee is 10% of the above total price.

(5). Taxes and fees of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

(6). The design fee is 10% of the total price of the mold.

The quotation strategy and settlement method of injection molds, the quotation and settlement of molds are the continuation and result of mold valuation.

It is only one step from the valuation of the mold to the quotation of the injection mold, and the purpose of the injection mold is to form the settlement price of the mold through the settlement after the mold is manufactured and delivered. In this process, people always hope that mold valuation = mold price = mold settlement price. However, in actual operation, these four prices are not exactly equal, and there may be fluctuations in error values. This is the question to be discussed below.

After the mold is evaluated, it needs to be properly processed and sorted into a mold quotation, which is the basis for signing the injection mold processing contract. Through repeated negotiations and discussions, the price of injection molds recognized by both parties was formed and a contract was signed. In order to officially start the injection mold processing.

After the mold is estimated, it cannot be directly used as a quotation immediately. Generally speaking, it is also necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis based on factors such as market conditions, customer psychology, competitors, status, etc., to properly sort out the valuation, and to increase 10 to 30% on the basis of the valuation to make a quotation. After bargaining, the quotation can be lowered according to the actual situation.

Shanghai injection mold quotation process, however, when Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory negotiates a price lower than 10% of the estimated price, it is necessary to re-estimate the improvement and refinement of the injection mold, and the factory signs the injection mold under the condition of guaranteeing favorable conditions Processing contract, determine the price of injection mold. Therefore, the mold quotation is only a step in whether the two parties can cooperate. Both parties will evaluate the risks. Basically, the price of a cooperation is generally low. If the product structure is very complicated and the mold production is relatively difficult, the injection mold factory will basically have the upper hand. Under normal circumstances, if the mold factory wants to cooperate, it can only lower the price to cooperate.
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