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Salivation of common problems in plastic injection molding

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-16
If plastic injection molding uses an open gate, then the reason for plastic injection molding salivation is

①The temperature of the tip of the hot tip is too high, and the melt temperature is too high.
②Insufficient gate cooling

③Insufficient release of melt pressure

④ The holding time is too long

⑤Injection time is too long

⑥The gate is damaged, worn, corroded, replaced or reprocessed.

In needle valve gated systems, incorrect timing of actuation or failure of the basic piston function can also lead to plastic injection drooling.
How to correct the movement time problem?

① Correct the time and see if the seal is not good.

② Check whether the valve needle or valve sleeve is worn, and check whether the pressure is too low.

If necessary, clean the valve sleeve and replace the seal for longer than the pressure holding time. If the injection time is too long, the gate will be drawn or salivated.
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