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Reasons why injection mold manufacturing is difficult

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-03
Mold is known as the mother of industry. In addition to turning product design into real objects, more importantly, it can improve the high efficiency of mold processing, reduce costs, and carry out mass replication. Especially in today's rapid industrialization process, the mold industry is still called a sunrise industry, full of opportunities. As we all know, due to the high technical requirements of injection molds, the stable and long-term development trend is inseparable from the cutting-edge level of injection mold manufacturing and processing. What is the reason for the difficulty in manufacturing and processing injection molds?

Reasons for the difficulty in processing injection molds.
1. Complex cavity and core.

The plastic part consists of a cavity and a core, and is directly injection molded. Complicated cavity processing is relatively difficult, especially the surface processing of blind holes in some cavities. In this case, if the traditional injection mold processing method is adopted, in addition to consuming more auxiliary fixtures and tools, experienced injection mold manufacturers are also required, and the processing cycle of the injection mold will also be extended.

2. Higher precision and appearance requirements for plastic parts.
The ejector device is an important factor affecting the deformation and dimensional accuracy of plastic parts. Therefore, in the design of injection molds, the ejection point should be selected to ensure that the plastic parts are evenly released from the mold. In structural design, most high-precision injection molds adopt inlay or full splicing structures, which greatly improves the processing accuracy and interchangeability of mold parts.

3. The process is cumbersome, and the manufacturing and processing time is tight.

Most plastic parts are complete products composed of supporting parts, so the precision requirements are very high. After the mold is manufactured, it must be tested and corrected repeatedly. Therefore, the design, development and delivery cycles of injection molds are tight, and each link cannot be ignored.
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