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Prototype model highlight effect

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-08
The high-gloss effect of the hand plate is simply to make the surface of the hand plate brighter through certain processes. Whether it is a plastic prototype or a metal prototype, the high-gloss effect can be achieved, but the processes used for different materials are different. Generally, through the high-gloss effect, the appearance is brighter, more exquisite and beautiful, and the customer looks comfortable and feels that the product is quite satisfactory. For ABS materials, only sanding and polishing is required to achieve a high-gloss effect. For 3D printed resin material prototypes, varnish must be sprayed to achieve a high-gloss effect, and UV cannot be used. Once exposed to ultraviolet light, it is easy to deform. For other materials, such as PC, acrylic, etc., if they want to achieve a high-gloss effect, they must first be sprayed with varnish, and then UV. In addition, electroplating and water plating can also have a high-gloss effect. The principles of electroplating and water plating are basically the same. They are all coated with a layer of alloy on the surface of the work to make the surface of the prototype more beautiful.
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