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Product whitening of common problems in injection molding

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-12
1. What is the reason for the whitening of injection molding products?
1. Force during demoulding (defective demoulding)

2. The load is too large

3. Due to the poor demoulding of the injection molding product, the demoulding pin exerts too much force on the injection molding product, resulting in whitening.

4. The white injection molding products will crack as long as a little force is applied.

Two: whitening solution:
1. Reduce injection pressure

2. Improve the smoothness of the injection mold cavity.

3. The product must have sufficient demoulding slope, and the demoulding pins must be balanced.

Three: Material differences:

1. ABS is prone to whitening.

2. Plastic materials with poor fluidity are prone to defects such as fusion marks during the injection molding process.

Four: Matters needing attention
1. Pay attention to the whitening phenomenon of the product after ABS plastic processing.

2. Injection molding products are easy to separate due to the welding marks caused by the release agent, which must be avoided.

3. The places with sintering traces are easy to be damaged.

4. To distinguish fusion marks and cracks, you only need to paint ink on the product to quickly distinguish.

5. Defects such as burrs are prone to appear in the place of melting marks. But few dents.
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