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Precautions for TPE overmolding injection molding

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-19
Precautions for TPE overmolding injection molding? TPE overmolding refers to the process of wrapping low-hardness TPE soft rubber on the surface of other hard rubber parts. TPE overmolding injection molding has the characteristics of comfortable hand feeling, softness and elasticity, so it is often used in handles, grips, tool handles, sports equipment, etc. Because it is combined with hard rubber parts, the structure of overmolding is relatively relatively Complicated, the process is relatively cumbersome. So, what are the precautions for TPE overmolding?

In general, the precautions for TPE overmolding injection molding mainly include the following three points:

1. TPE plastic injection molding needs to be processed after baking to reduce the watermark on the surface of the product, so that the surface color effect of the injection molded product is more in line with customer needs;

2. TPE has good fluidity, so when designing the mold structure of TPE, it is necessary to reserve enough length for the runner design so that the mold can be filled when TPE is injected;

3. The exhaust design should be reasonable to prevent the gas in the mold cavity from being exhausted;

The above is the sharing of Shanghai Mulan Vertical Overmolding Injection Mold Factory on 'What precautions should be taken when TPE overmolding'. If you are a brand company, trading company, or cross-border e-commerce company, you are designing and developing handles, grips, Tool handles, sports equipment and other products, if you want to know more about plastic overmolding and TPE overmolding, please visit our official website to learn more, or contact our 20-year-old injection mold processing experience Zuo Sheng: 18926067475 (WeChat same number), communicate!
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