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Plastic mold brush plating repair technology explanation

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-21
Brush plating is a technique for repairing scratches, roughening, grooves and wear on the surface of plastic mold cavities. After the repair, the service life of the mold can be effectively improved, and the wear resistance, hardness and surface roughness of the mold surface can reach the original performance standard.

The application of brush plating technology is generally a method of rapid electrochemical deposition of metal or alloy plating on the local surface of the workpiece under normal temperature and no groove conditions. The required equipment and process are relatively simple, the deposition speed is fast, the surface roughness of the coating is low, the coating has good corrosion resistance and high strength. At the same time, the brush plating technology does not consume much, and the mold cost is very low.
The power supply of the brush electroplating equipment is composed of the main circuit and the control circuit, and the thickness of the electroplating layer can be controlled by controlling the power consumed by the circuit. Choose the appropriate electric cleaning fluid to clean the oil impurities on the metal surface to ensure the repair quality of the brush plating. At the same time, we should also choose a metal solution that can improve the electroplating performance of the metal collective and improve the bonding strength between the substrate and the working layer.

In order to facilitate the electroplating of contact grooves, the surface of the mold must be pretreated, the grooves on the surface repaired in advance, and the thickness of the metal to be repaired must be measured. Then complete the repair through process steps such as voltage, activation solution, flushing, etc., and achieve the required shape and size through fitter repair.
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