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Notice on the launch of the company's new official website

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-04
Dear Vowincustomers: The new version of Vowinwebsite has been officially launched on August 8, 2018! Thank you for your support to us all the time! This revision includes a computer website (www.mookem.com) and a mobile website (m.mookem.com), aiming to further play the role of the website in external publicity and communication, and provide customers with better services. At the same time, it also shows customers the new look of Woneng's continuous development. Compared with the old version of the website, a new page style is adopted this time, and the entire structure is clearer. But we can't be perfect either. If this revision has caused you any trouble, please leave a message on our official account, we will accept it humbly, adjust it in time, and strive to make the website better. Vowinis more exciting because of you. We will continue to focus on customers and continuously improve user experience and services. Thank you for your support and trust! If you have any questions, please contact online customer service or directly call the customer service hotline: 0755-33122976! Announcement hereby Wo Neng Network Department August 8, 2018
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