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New factory of Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory, new power for injection mold processing, new service for injection molding processing

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-03
On March 31, 2022, Shanghai Mulan Precision Products Co., Ltd. ushered in the 10th year of its business. The original factory in Chang'an Town, Shanghai was used for 7 years to export Japanese household beauty equipment, small household appliances, and maternal and child products. The factory layout of the finished product customization business. In the past year, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory has added more than 50 customers. The existing export trade factory layout cannot meet the diversified needs of foreign customers. The company decided to move to a distant The new factory area is 5 kilometers away from the original factory address, and it is a 3-minute drive from the Humen exit of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Yanjiang Expressway.

Since its establishment, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory has been oriented towards the customization of finished products exported to Japan. It has successively equipped with independent injection mold manufacturing workshops, injection molding processing workshops, reliability laboratories, dimension measurement rooms, assembly workshops, and dust-free workshops to continuously improve molds. Manufacturing equipment, injection molding processing equipment and other auxiliary production equipment. Since 2019, the finished product customization business of exporting Japanese household small appliances, household beauty instruments, and maternal and child products has been hindered, and the performance has declined. Shanghai Mulan began to adjust its development direction in May 2021, and provided customers with mold opening and injection molding processing business . In the past year, more than 1,000 customers have consulted our injection mold factory, more than 200 customers have visited the factory, and more than 50 customers have made deals. The products involve outdoor power supplies, electric tool handles, electric toothbrushes, game coins, night lights, humidifiers, mosquito killer lamps, massage sticks, facial cleansers, face washers, breast pumps, milk warmers and other products. The existing export trade factory layout can no longer meet the diversified needs of foreign customers. In order to better serve the different needs of foreign customers, at the end of March 2022, Mulan Injection Mold Factory moved from Chang'an Town, Shanghai to Humen Town, Shanghai. Shanghai
Mulan Injection Mold Factory is still maintained, and the construction of the mold talent team is perfect. There are mold engineers who have been rooted in the injection mold industry for 30 years, managers with more than 10 years of quality experience in Japanese-funded enterprises, and technicians with 15 years of experience in injection molding. This 1 Over the years, we have accumulated experience in product development from customers, and we have been able to grasp the different needs of customers in a timely manner, which has changed our previous inherent impression. Only foreign customers have strict quality requirements. From the perspective of more than 50 customers cooperated with our injection mold factory, we found that The customer's pursuit of quality is not bad at all, completely dispelling the consistent idea that 'only the export of finished products to Japan can be customized.' We will strengthen our confidence, strictly control product quality as always, deliver on schedule, and win the trust and support of customers at home and abroad.

With the continuous recovery of the company's production business, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory takes into account the needs of different types of customers, with a production area of ​​8,000 square meters, 128 mold processing equipment, 35 injection molding processing equipment, and 95 dimension measuring equipment. The injection molding equipment remains unchanged, and the one-stop customized processing technology service for maternal and infant feeding supplies is newly added, and the food-grade dust-free injection molding workshop is added to provide customers with product appearance design, product structure design and other services, relying on the analysis technology of Nagoya Industrial Research Institute , to provide customers with technical services such as mold flow analysis, material selection, structure optimization, quality improvement, circuit inspection, etc., to help China's intelligent manufacturing and contribute to the world.

After Shanghai Mulan moved to a new location, it will continue to focus on product R&D and design, providing appearance design, sample production, circuit development, structural design, mold design, mold processing, overmolding, two-color mold, injection molding, two-color injection molding, packaging Plastic injection molding, finished product assembly, reliability test, dimension measurement and other one-stop manufacturing solutions. At present, the consumer market has entered the era of personalized customization. The consumer market needs more technological, value-added, and distinctive products. Mold manufacturing is the mother of industry, and the development of competitive segmented market products is inseparable. Injection molding. The old year has passed the Ten Thousand Mountains, and the new road will enter another hundred feet.

After a month of equipment debugging, the factory has been reorganized and is now on the right track. I am Zuo Zhonghe, the founder of Shanghai Mulan Precision Products Co., Ltd., 'Through this relocation, Mulan Injection Mold Factory will continue to serve e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, foreign trade companies, brand companies, enterprises, Japanese companies, new To a certain extent, the factory area can reduce the cost of molds, optimize the R&D process, and shorten the development cycle. We will always insist on improving the company’s innovation ability, strictly control product quality, and enter a new era of development with you.”
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