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Mold factory talks about torsion rod liquid core pulling fake three-plate injection mold

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-15
The mold factory talks about the torsion rod liquid core-pulling false three-plate injection mold, the structural analysis of the plastic part: the plastic part is a shaft sleeve part, the structure seems simple, but the inner hole is deep, and there are three through holes perpendicular to the axis. There is also a circular blind hole at the big end, which makes it difficult to demould the plastic part. How does Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory choose lateral core pulling, or how to place plastic parts in the injection mold, vertically or horizontally? Careful consideration is required. The material of the plastic part is nylon, which has good fluidity, and the injection mold must have a good exhaust system.

1. Structural analysis of injection mold

Plastic parts of this structure are usually placed vertically, that is, the axis of the plastic part is parallel to the mold opening direction. The advantage of this arrangement is that the distance of the lateral core pulling is short, and Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory can use the fixed mold inclined slider to pull the core laterally, and the structure is relatively simple. But this plastic part has deep holes and blind holes on the big end surface, so the tightness is large, the push-out area is small, and the plastic part is easy to deform when pushed out, so horizontal placement and hydraulic core-pulling mechanism are adopted. The injection mold adopts a false three-plate mold structure, that is, the movable mold adds a mold opening surface PL2. The direction of the oil cylinder is upward, and before the core is pulled, the injection mold completes the mold opening strokes of PL1 and PL2, so that the core is separated from the lateral core. Pull the core When pushing the large end face of the plastic part by the push block, coupled with the core and tension and the adhesion of the moving mold insert, it is ensured that the plastic part will not be deformed when it is pushed out. The lateral core pulling is pulled out by the cylinder piston and locked by the locking block. Because the mold sprue sleeve deviates from the mold by 30mm, three ejector holes (K.O.) should be set to ensure the ejection balance. At the same time, four guide columns are added to the push rod fixing plate to ensure that the push rod is pushed out smoothly and reliably. Because there is a push rod under the side core pulling, the injection mold must be equipped with a push rod plate first reset mechanism. The first reset mechanism of this mold is composed of a return spring, an external swing rod first reset mechanism and a travel switch. The locking buckle on the mold drawing is used to prevent the movable and fixed molds from separating during the transportation and storage of the injection mold, and must be removed during the production of the injection mold.

2. Working process of injection mold

The mold factory talks about the torsion rod liquid core-pulling false three-plate injection mold. After the injection mold is finished injection molding, the injection molding machine pulls the moving mold part back. Under the action of the nylon plug and spring, the injection mold is opened from the parting surface first, and the moving mold is small. The core is separated from the lateral core pulling, and the mold opening distance of the parting surface is 10mm, which is controlled by the limit nail. After that, the injection mold is opened on the mold surface again, and the mold opening distance can be controlled at about 150mm, which is controlled by the injection molding machine. At this time, the fixed mold core also leaves the side core pulling, the tight block leaves the slider, and then the cylinder pushes the piston, and the piston Pull the lateral core and start to draw laterally under the action of the push block to separate from the plastic part. After the lateral core pulling is completed, the top roller of the injection molding machine pushes the push rod fixing plate and then pushes the push rod to push the plastic out of the mold cavity. The injection mold completes one injection molding. When the mold is closed, the spring and swing rod type first reset mechanism first pushes the push rod back to the original position. When the push rod fixed plate touches the travel switch, the oil cylinder is opened, and the hydraulic pressure pushes the lateral core back to the original position. The mold starts the next injection.
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