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Manufacturing steps of two-color mold for outdoor power supply shell

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-03
The manufacturing steps of the two-color mold for the outdoor power supply shell. Some products need to have two colors in appearance in order to reduce assembly. Some 'three-proof products' are moisture-proof, waterproof, and leak-proof. They need to be realized by two kinds of plastics with different hardness, and often choose two colors. Mold injection molding to achieve. Outdoor power supply shells, which require moisture-proof, waterproof, and leakage-proof products, are no exception. Shanghai Mulan Two-color Mold Factory will give priority to two-color molds for manufacturing. During the negotiation process, many customers are very curious about the manufacturing steps of the two-color mold for the outdoor power supply shell of our two-color mold factory. Today
Shanghai Mulan Two-color Mold Factory will share with you the steps of manufacturing two-color molds for outdoor power supply shells in detail.

The main steps of two-color mold manufacturing are as follows:

1. Analyze the product structure of the outdoor power supply housing, detailed parameters of injection molding processing, such as size, precision, mass production quantity, appearance requirements, service life, use environment and other elements, and conduct communication and review of technical requirements for these parameters to avoid follow-up. necessary trouble;

2. Mold structure design. After comprehensive evaluation of various parameters of the outdoor power supply casing, detailed mold design is required. The design of the two-color mold needs to meet the principle of 'small processing difficulty, short injection molding time, and low injection molding processing cost', which puts forward higher requirements for the mold structure design engineer.

3. The selection of mold steel and mold accessories, the grade and quality of mold steel and accessories affect the service life of the mold to a certain extent;

4. Mold trial. After the mold is made, it must be tested to ensure the performance of the mold and the effect of the injection molding process. Find problems in time and deal with them in time to avoid problems that are discovered during mass injection molding and cause unnecessary losses.

The above is the detailed introduction of Shanghai Mulan Two-color Mold Factory about 'the steps of manufacturing two-color molds for outdoor power supply shells'. Process flow, welcome to visit our official website to learn more. Or contact us by phone for more technical details.
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