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Maintenance method of injection mold

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-11
1) Maintenance of cooling channels
The function of the cooling water pipe is to cool and solidify the plastic parts in the cavity through the cooling water, which has a great influence on the molding process of the plastic parts.

1. The danger of blockage of cooling water channel
In the long-term working process, scale, dirt, corrosion, etc. are easy to deposit on the surface of the cooling water channel, which will reduce the circulation area of ​​the cooling water flow channel, greatly reduce the heat exchange of cooling water between molds, and greatly reduce the cooling effect, which is very harmful.

2. Check the blockage of the cooling water channel

The increase of sediment on the surface of the cooling water channel will lead to partial blockage of the water channel. The internal condition of the cooling water channel can be judged by measuring the flow rate of the cooling water. When measuring, a pressure control valve can be installed between the mold and the cooling water channel, and the pressure drop of the cooling water can be measured through the mold under the same conditions. In this way, the blockage of the cooling water channel can be judged. If it is blocked to a certain extent, it should be cleaned up in time.

3. Clean the cooling water channel
Since the design of the cooling water channel is related to the shape of the cavity, its shape is tortuous and difficult to disassemble, so it cannot be cleaned by mechanical means, but can only be cleaned with a cleaning agent, and the attached dirt can be removed under the strong impact of the cleaning agent. There are many types of cleaners to choose from.

Maintenance of injection mold unloading

After the injection mold completes a given production task, it needs to be removed from the injection molding machine. When disassembling, the residual plastic should be carefully removed, and different cleaning methods should be adopted according to the different properties of different plastics. Generally, residual plastic and other deposits in the mold can be removed with soapy water, and the mold can then be dried. If there are corrosion spots on the surface of the cavity, they should be removed and polished, then coated with lubricant for protection, and then stored.
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