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Introduction of five cutting technologies related to injection mold

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-11
In order to improve the precision of parts, cutting is required when processing injection molds, so what are the cutting technologies related to injection molds?

1. Micro-wire cutting technology is mainly used for tiny parts that are difficult to process with large machines. The wire electrode is a relatively small tungsten wire. The discharge energy is relatively weak during processing, which requires high precision of the pulse control system and machine tools. The parts processed by micro-wire cutting technology have high precision and have good advantages in processing small parts.
2. Machine tool control. Generally, machine tool screws, nuts, gears and other components have certain machining errors, and the roughness of the machined surface cannot meet the requirements. Therefore, new materials can be used to improve the accuracy and rigidity of the machine tool, and improve the machining accuracy of the machine tool as a whole.

3. Pulse power supply technology, real-time monitoring of pulse power supply parameters in the discharge state, and adjustment according to the situation, effectively reducing the probability of broken wires and improving the efficiency of wire cutting processing. The rising rate of the leading edge of the pulse power supply is set by the accurate numerical control system, which greatly improves the machining accuracy.

Fourth, the multiple cutting technology cannot guarantee the direct success of the line in precision processing, and then multiple cutting processes are required. Today's list of many advanced cutting techniques is shaky and there is much room for improvement.
5. Intelligent control technology, using fuzzy control technology, expert system, and automatic control system to operate, define the processing object, set the performance and processing goals of related components, and the system automatically generates the processing process without manual programming by the operator. Alarms can be issued in time for faults to improve overall efficiency.
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