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Introduce the characteristics of two-color injection molding process

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-18
2.1 Two sets of structure of two-color injection machine
Due to the impact of the product purpose, the two-color injection molding machine needs to be equipped with two identical machine plasticizing injection devices, which is not only the need of its process, but also the ability of rotation conversion.

These two sets of injection devices with the same specifications need to have the same functions in addition to the same structure. During the injection molding process, the raw material temperature, injection pressure and injection rate in the two sets of equipment can be adjusted to keep the indicators of the injection molded plastic products at a consistent level, and then related integration and welding work can be performed. If the parameters of the two sets of equipment are inconsistent, they should be adjusted to a consistent level as much as possible.

2. Differences in machine structure between two-color injection molding components and ordinary injection molding components
Due to the unique characteristics of the plastic products produced by two-color injection molding components, the mechanism settings of the machine are obviously different from those of ordinary injection molding materials machines.

First of all, the melt temperature used in two-color injection molding components is relatively high, and there is a certain gap compared with ordinary injection molding components. High temperatures are required to maintain the ability of the mold to run and flow; Plastic raw materials, and it needs to be pressed and welded with strong pressure to overcome the huge resistance of the melt flow in the mold, so as to ensure the smooth progress of injection molding.

2.3 Two-color injection molding technology material parameter setting
Two-color injection molding technology uses two different materials to make plastic products. Therefore, the material needs to be considered before injection molding, not only the quality standard of the material, but also the temperature, pressure and other parameters during injection molding.

Since the mold used in the two-color injection molding technology is different from the ordinary injection molding mold, the use parameters of the two-color injection molding technology material are required to have a higher melt temperature to ensure that the melt will not solidify in advance before the injection molding is completed. At the same time, the injection device should be used to control the pressure of the raw material so that it can reach all parts of the mold smoothly, so as to achieve the purpose of injection molding.
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