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Injection molding processing reliability experiment control and inspection method for injection molded parts

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-13
1. Product reliability test

Injection molding processing reliability experiment control and inspection methods for injection molding parts, QE formulates reliability experiment items in the new product transfer stage according to the characteristics and specifications of injection molding processing products. Test timing, verification of new product characteristics, product trial production, mass production of products, major engineering changes, customer complaints, and irregular evaluation of the reliability of injection molding products. Unless the customer has special requirements, the number of test samples is mainly based on the requirements of Shanghai Mulan injection molding manufacturer.

QE inspectors conduct tests in accordance with the reliability test plan and relative experimental test specifications, and make a 'reliability test report' based on the test results, and submit it to the QE engineer for review. Experiment reports must be kept for at least 15 years. When the reliability experiment fails, the QE engineer notifies the technical staff to analyze the bad situation. QE shall be retested to confirm its effectiveness.

2. Material approval and reliability experiment

The material approval reliability test is only applicable to key materials. The injection molding processing technology department provides test samples and fills in the 'Reliability Test Requirement Form'. QE personnel or inspectors arrange the experiment date according to the current equipment usage status, and conduct the test according to the test specifications of the corresponding experiment. The test result records are filled by the QE personnel for review by the QE supervisor, and then the test results are notified to the technical department. After the reliability test is completed, the sample provider will retrieve the sample after the test.

This standard mainly stipulates the inspection and method of various plastic products produced by injection group injection molding. It is applicable to the product inspection of the first version. This standard is only for routine inspection, and the requirements are based on the PART SPEC.

3. Measuring surface division

The measurement surface refers to the surface to be observed. One measurement surface, the top surface that the user often sees becomes the surface of the object; the second measurement surface, the side, corner or position that the user occasionally sees or rarely sees; the third measurement surface: the bottom surface of the assembly, component, part or assembly The surface of the parts that are attached to each other.

4. Inspection conditions

This standard is based on the premise that it has no effect on the function, and it is based on visual comparison, so it is not applicable to limit samples and individual special standards.

Injection molding processing reliability experiment control and inspection method, Shanghai Mulan injection molding processing factory usually visually inspects at 30cm for 3~5s, if defects are found, move to 50cm and observe for 3~7s, it is better to be difficult to see and less obvious defects . The light source inspection standard requires the light source to be tested, and the visual acuity of the inspector should be above 0.7. The observation angle is perpendicular to the observed surface and at an angle of 45° up and down.

5. Quality requirements and inspection methods: Quality requirements and inspection methods are formulated by each factory according to customer requirements.

(1) Flash: There should be no flash in any speaker holes, button holes, switch holes, and matching holes for all moving parts. The built-in column and bone flash cannot affect the assembly and function; exposed and possible The exposed flashes that affect safety should not feel scratchy when touched by hands.

(2) Deformation: the deformation of the bottom shell supported on the platform shall not be greater than 0.3mm, and the deformation of the surface shell matching the bottom shell supported on the platform shall not be greater than 0.3mm, and the deformation of other plastic parts shall not affect the assembly function. .

(3) Remaining gate material: Exposed and possible external solution will affect the appearance and safety standards. The gate position is flat and meets the safety standards. It cannot be obtained. There are assembly requirements, but it cannot be exposed. I don’t know if the residual glue should be controlled within 0.5mm. within and does not affect functionality. If there is no assembly to come, the function will not be affected, and the gate that is not exposed should be controlled within 1.5mm.

6. Matters needing attention in the determination of inspection standards

1. About the definition of 'visual inspection'

It refers to a common way to check the appearance of injection molding products with eyes at a distance of 50cm from the surface of the product, under sufficient natural light, and at 45°~90°. During visual inspection, the sample cannot be too close or too far away. The inspection environment requires sufficient natural light, and the difference in the light source environment will cause a certain 'camouflage effect' on the appearance judgment. Observation angle is very important. Generally, the visual inspection can be carried out by simulating the normal visual inspection range and angle of the product after assembly. To observe the sink marks on the surface of the injection molded product, it is generally recommended to observe at 45°, so that the difference between it and the sample can be clearly compared.

2. About the definition and definition of 'not obvious'

Injection molding processing reliability experiment control and inspection method of injection molded parts, 'not obvious' is often used in the description of the degree of appearance defects of plastic injection molding products, because the description of appearance defects is largely limited by the limitations of text expression, Shanghai Sometimes it can only be expressed as 'not obvious', but it has certain boundaries and definitions. Unobvious refers to the inspection result obtained from the appearance of defects after correct visual inspection or visual comparison inspection of the model, people's thinking and judgment feel that the defect is relatively slight. Non-obvious reference objects must be comparable, so that more valuable judgment conclusions can be drawn.
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