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Injection molding processing manufacturers custom open mold injection molding

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-13
As the market competition becomes more and more fierce, there are fewer and fewer powerful injection molding manufacturers, but the number of trading companies is increasing day by day, so it is really difficult to find a powerful injection molding manufacturer.

This is the case for Mr. Liu in Shandong. Mr. Liu is a company specializing in auto parts. Because there is a new product development that requires mold opening and injection molding, he found some unreliable trading companies. I searched for 'injection molding manufacturers' and found Mulan. Manager Chen enthusiastically contacted him about related projects and sent him many cases of automobile products that he had done before. The lady wanted to show the customer a video of the factory.

Ms. Chen took the customer’s Wechat video and took the customer on a tour of the injection molding processing factory, from the conference room, the model room to the engineering department, to the CNC department, to the spark machining department, to the injection molding department, to the three-dimensional inspection room and so on. Customers have initially recognized the strength of Mulan injection molding processing manufacturers. However, further detailed understanding is still needed. After a period of understanding, the customer gradually dispelled the doubts about Mulan injection molding processing factory, and reached a cooperation with Shanghai Mulan injection molding processing factory.

Thank you Mr. Liu for your trust in Mulan injection molding manufacturers. If you currently have products that need to be molded and customized, and are looking for a suitable injection molding manufacturer, please contact Mulan injection molding manufacturers.
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