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Injection molding processing incoming material inspection management main work content

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-12
1. Incoming material inspection (IQC) process

Injection molding processing incoming material inspection management main work content, the supplier delivers the goods to the warehouse, the warehouse keeper notifies the IQC personnel; the 1QC personnel conducts a random inspection, and if unqualified, a non-qualified report is issued; the qualified product is stored in the warehouse, and the unqualified product is sent to the business personnel Preside over the MRB meeting; relevant departments operate according to the judgment results of the MRB meeting.

2. Incoming material inspection (IQ) control

The main work content of the inspection management of injection molding processing incoming materials. After receiving the supplier's delivery note, the business personnel or warehouse keeper of Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Processing Factory will notify the IQC personnel to inspect the incoming materials. Such as size, weight, function, etc., if any non-conformity is found during the inspection process, all sampling samples shall be inspected. If the material is exempt from inspection, it will be marked 'exempt from inspection' on the IQC inspection report and the supplier's delivery note, and it will be directly put into the warehouse without inspection.
Inspect according to inspection instructions, engineering drawings, and samples. If it is a destructive inspection, the materials must be scrapped, or the manufacturer shall provide samples for inspection. Take the following steps according to the test results.

(1) Determine acceptance.

(2) Determine rejection, fill in the IQC unqualified report form, notify the business personnel to deal with it, fill in the IQC inspection report according to the inspection data and material judgment status, and send it to the IQC supervisor for review. The personnel from the business department will convene personnel from relevant units such as quality, injection molding processing technology, and production to hold an MRB meeting. MRB is attended by business, quality, and injection molding process technicians, and is presided over by the business department, and the injection molding process technology department decides how to deal with it. The conclusion of the MRB meeting is filled in the IQC unqualified report form, and after being signed and confirmed by the participants of the relevant departments, it will be handed over to the business department for processing according to the processing method. If there is a dispute and no consensus can be reached, it will be handled according to the decision of the Technology Department.

If the batch of materials does not affect the product function and customer quality requirements. It will not cause production troubles, and special mining can be considered. Judgment of special mining must be approved by the injection molding processing technology department. When judging the special mining, stamp the yellow 'special mining' stamp, and explain the reason for the special mining to facilitate the tracking of the injection molding production process.

(3) If it is judged to be fully inspected or reworked or returned, the business personnel will notify the manufacturer of the adverse situation and request to deal with it. Pay attention to the delivery date during full inspection and rework so as not to affect the production schedule. If it is a full inspection and rework in the factory, the quality inspection and technical personnel will guide the full inspection and rework methods.

IQC needs to re-inspect the full inspection and reworked products. Re-inspected qualified products are put into storage, and unqualified products are returned to the manufacturer. Rework and unqualified products in full inspection will be handled by the business department in coordination with suppliers. When required by the MBR meeting, IQC will report the adverse situation to require the manufacturer to change and track its effect. Materials that have been in stock for more than three months must be re-inspected by IQC before use.

(4) IQC inspection mark

When the inspection is qualified, the blue 'IQC' seal will be stamped, and the supplier's delivery note will be signed for confirmation, and the warehouse will receive the material with a receipt. If the inspection fails, a red 'rejection' stamp will be stamped on it. When it is judged by MRB that special mining is acceptable, it will be stamped with a yellow 'special mining' seal. Inspection-free materials are covered with a green 'exemption from inspection' stamp. When the injection molding processing equipment is insufficient or the equipment is sent for calibration, the supplier's delivery inspection report and data can be used as the basis for incoming inspection.

(5) Exemption material qualification review

Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Factory has received no less than 10 batches of injection molding materials for three consecutive months, and no adverse conditions have been found in the IQC incoming inspection history and manufacturing process. After application and approval, this material can be included in the list of materials exempted from inspection. . The IQC supervisor will enter the qualified materials into the inspection-exempted material list on time and submit it to the experienced (inclusive) personnel of the process technology department for review. After passing the inspection, the inspection-free material list will be sent to the business department and the incoming inspection department.

The main work content of the inspection management of injection molding processing incoming materials. When the inspection-free materials arrive at the warehouse and the warehouse issues an incoming inspection form to IQC, the IQC inspector needs to check whether it is consistent with the list of inspection-free materials. If it matches, it will be stamped with green 'exemption'. The label is on the outer box of the material, and the material is put into the warehouse by the warehouse personnel. If the quantity, packaging and quality of the injection molding processing materials do not match, the whole batch will be returned and an IQC unqualified report will be issued. The injection molding processing business department will hold an MRB meeting for the bad materials and deal with the unqualified materials. If the inspection-free material is unqualified, the material will be canceled from the inspection-free material list after the approval of the manager of the technical department. IQC will resume the normal inspection procedure for the material, and the inspection-free storage will not be resumed until the next inspection-free qualification review is passed. When the material changes, the inspection must be resumed when the goods are purchased.

3. The main work content and precautions of the incoming material inspector (IQC)

(1). In accordance with technical documents such as purchase inspection documents, samples and drawings, carry out purchase inspection of purchased and outsourced goods.

(2). Evidence and time. The QC supervisor will feedback the supplier's bad quality information, especially when the product is eager to be put into production.

(3). Fill out the '8D Action Report', put forward the supplier's change requirements and follow up with the hospital to improve the results.

(4). Timely statistics and analysis of the quality status of incoming goods every day.

(5). According to the requirements of the inspection management program, fill in the 'Incoming Inspection Report' and 'IQC Unqualified Report' and the quality information feedback form in a timely manner.

(6). At the end of each month, make statistics and analyze the purchase quality of the current month.
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