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Injection molding machine hydraulic oil temperature is better

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-07
Injection molding machine hydraulic oil is a sensitive term. A concept of temperature is involved here. That is the temperature of the hydraulic oil. The temperature of the hydraulic oil carried by different injection molding machines is also relatively different. Different hydraulic oils will show different temperatures during activities. Therefore, the temperature of hydraulic oil is very uncertain.

Generally speaking, the ideal working temperature of the hydraulic system should be between 45 degrees and 50 degrees. The reason is that the hydraulic system is designed according to the selected pressure oil viscosity, and there is a certain dependence anyway, but the viscosity will vary. As the oil temperature changes, it will affect the working components in the system, such as oil cylinders, hydraulic valves, etc., and reduce the control accuracy and response sensitivity, especially for precision injection machines.

You should know that insufficient oil will cause the oil temperature to rise easily. This is a problem of oil supply. Air is easy to dissolve into the oil and affect the oil quality and the normal operation of the hydraulic system. Insufficient oil is usually caused by oil leakage or loss during repairs. So fix issues like this early. For this reason, daily attention should be paid to check whether there are leaking parts, replace worn seals as soon as possible, and tighten loose joints, etc. After maintenance, check the oil volume of the fuel tank and replenish it in time.

It is important to note that one of the important properties of a hydraulic fluid is its chemical stability, ie oxidation stability. Oxidation is the most important factor that determines the effective service life of hydraulic oil. This important factor needs to be paid attention to. We know that insoluble substances such as wood tar, sludge and carbon residue generated by oxidation will pollute the hydraulic system and increase the wear of hydraulic components. , Reduce various gaps, block small holes, and eventually cause the hydraulic system to fail.

To be precise, the oxidation rate of hydraulic oil depends on many factors such as itself and working conditions, no matter which factor is a very important factor, and temperature is one of the main factors, so use suitable hydraulic oil and check the hydraulic oil regularly If the degree of oxidation exceeds a certain degree, it is absolutely necessary to take the initiative to change the oil.

During the use of the injection molding machine, the level of the pressure oil, the pressure of the oil pump, the cleanliness of the pressure oil, and the condition of other pressure oils should be checked frequently. When encountering humid weather, the concentration of the pressure oil must be checked every day, and the water pipes must be checked frequently to avoid water from appearing in places where it should not appear, so as to prevent water from mixing into the pressure oil and causing oil filter blockage.

We all know that the fuel tank should be checked frequently to keep it clean and prevent debris from falling into it. Replenish pressure oil on time. Fully mobilize the role of lubrication. For lubricating the moving parts, the travel switches, the tightness of the screws, and whether the oil pipes and joints are leaking, etc., they should be checked once a week to develop a good habit and keep them in good condition. If they are loose, replace them or tighten them. .

It is better to have a fixed value for the temperature of the hydraulic oil of the injection molding machine. This fixed value is greatly affected by the hydraulic system. Therefore, the performance will be affected by the change of oil temperature. This is caused by the temperature. In the process of injection molding, various important influencing factors must be in normal working condition. For example, the role of hydraulic oil should play its due work efficiency.
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