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Injection mold pulse surface treatment technology!

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-11
Pulse technology is an emerging injection mold surface technology. With the rapid development of pulse technology in my country's industrialization process, the unique advantages of pulse technology have gradually attracted people's attention. The processing method of pulse technology has the characteristics of automation, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The development of its technology is conducive to improving the level of mold processing and use. What are the advantages of pulse technology on the mold surface?

First, the energy input carrier used by pulse technology is accelerated electrons, without any other auxiliary materials. The material is completely processed in a vacuum environment without excess impurities and will not pollute the mold surface.
Second, surface polishing is better than materials with high melting point and toughness. The heating method with high surface density and concentrated surface thin layer can bring good benefits to the mold surface.

Third, the pulse technology has a subtle pulse working mode, which can effectively improve the heating of the substrate, improve energy utilization efficiency, avoid material deformation during processing, and ensure the quality of molded parts.

Fourth, the non-contact working method and flexible electron beam source are very suitable for mechanized surface treatment, and also facilitate the surface treatment of large molds.

Fifth, pulse treatment removes inhomogeneous material and fine marks, forming a microstructure in the surface treatment layer. The smooth and uniform surface has high strength and corrosion resistance, which can effectively improve the surface performance of the mold.
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