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Injection mold for handle plastic shell core-pulling and inclined guide column core-pulling

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-16
1. Structural analysis of plastic parts

Core-pulling injection mold for handle plastic shell and inclined guide column core-pulling. The plastic part is a plastic handle of a certain game machine. The material is nylon and the shrinkage rate is 1.5%. The distance is longer, 119.4mm. The requirements for plastic parts are very high, and no traces of push rods are allowed. Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory has a relatively large wall thickness and etched surface. Lateral core pulling and demoulding of plastic parts are difficult points in injection mold design.

2. Structural analysis of injection mold

According to the shape and output of the plastic parts, two products are produced in one mold when ranking: one left and one handle. In order to ensure the beautiful appearance, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory adopts a side gate gating system to feed materials from the large end surface. The plastic part has two lateral core pulls, of which the smaller side core pull adopts the structure of 'slider ten oblique guide pillars' and the 'spring ten stop pin' positioning; the larger side core pull adopts hydraulic cylinder core pull. When hydraulically pulling the core, the injection mold must be designed with a wedge to prevent the lateral core from retreating when the melt is filled. Due to the etched surface of the injection mold cavity, the adhesion of the plastic part to the cavity surface is small, and the plastic part is only pulled out through the flow channel condensate, and there is no push rod on the plastic part to ensure the appearance of the plastic part.

3. Working process of injection mold

Handle plastic shell core-pulling and inclined guide column core-pulling injection mold, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory After the plastic mold is injection molded, the injection molding machine pulls the movable mold to open the mold. In the process of mold opening, the wedge block leaves the slider, and the wedge block leaves the slider. Under the toggle of the inclined guide column, the slider drives the side core to pull the core. After the mold opening distance is completed, the oil cylinder starts to pull the slider and the side core pull through the connecting piece to perform side core pull. The injection molding machine pushes the push rod to push the runner aggregate and plastic parts out of the injection mold together.
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