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Influencing factors of cooling rate of two-color mold

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-02
What are the factors affecting the cooling rate of the two-color mold? Shanghai Mulan Two-color Mold Factory said that the development of two-color molds has been very rapid recently, and the demand for two-color molds in various industries is also increasing. While the two-color mold is developing rapidly, the manufacturing requirements for technology are also constantly improving. However, due to various reasons in the two-color mold manufacturing process, there are still many problems, such as the cooling rate of the two-color mold, deformation caused by external forces, and so on. And if we want to solve the emergence of these problems, we need to understand its influencing factors, so that we can solve the problems in a targeted manner.

The factors that affect the cooling rate of the two-color mold mainly include the following aspects:

1. Mold material and cooling method

When it comes to the mold material of the two-color mold, including the mold core, cavity material and mold base material, these have a great influence on the cooling rate. The higher the thermal conductivity of the two-color mold material, the better the effect of transferring heat from the plastic per unit time, and the shorter the cooling time.

2. Design of plastic products

Mainly because of the thickness of the plastic wall. The greater the thickness of the two-color molded product, the longer it takes to cool.

3. Plastic selection

Refers to the measure of the speed at which plastic conducts heat from a hot place to a cold place. The higher the thermal conductivity coefficient of the plastic, the better the heat conduction effect, or the lower the specific heat of the plastic, the temperature is easy to change, so the heat is easy to dissipate, the heat conduction effect is better, and the required cooling time is shorter.

4. The nature of the coolant

The viscosity and heat transfer coefficient of the cooling liquid will also affect the heat conduction effect of the two-color mold injection molding. The lower the viscosity of the coolant, the higher the thermal conductivity, and the lower the temperature, the better the cooling effect.

5. Cooling water pipe configuration

The closer the cooling water pipe is to the mold cavity, the larger the pipe diameter and the more the number, the better the cooling effect, the shorter the cooling time, and the cooling liquid flow rate. The greater the cooling water flow rate, the better the effect of the cooling water taking away heat by heat convection.
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