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Influence of Residual Stress on Injection Molded Products

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-15
Residual stress refers to the sum of various stresses after the injection molded product is demolded. Due to the residual stress after demoulding, the surface of the injection molded part will be warped and deformed. The residual stress of injection molded products usually leads to warping and deformation, resulting in errors in product shape and size; at the same time, other defects caused by residual stress can cause premature failure of plastic products during use, affecting their usability and economy. Therefore, in the injection molding process, the formation of internal stress should be avoided as much as possible. Only in this way can we get satisfactory products.

1. Residual reasons:
If you want to try your best to avoid residual stress, you must know what is the cause? There are two main reasons for the residual stress of injection molded products: one is orientation residual stress, and the other is shrinkage residual stress. As far as injection molding is concerned, the injection temperature of the melt, the temperature of the injection mold cavity, the filling time and speed, the pressure protection and the length of the runner all affect the flow stress.

The solution to the residual stress of plastic products starts from the following aspects:

1. Plastic injection mold

(1) Reasonable design of runner balance, change the size of runner;

(2) The design and layout of the cooling system of the plastic injection mold is reasonable, so that all parts of the surface of the plastic product can be solidified at a uniform cooling rate as much as possible;

(3) The thickness of the mold cavity is uniform to avoid large fluctuations;

(4) Improve the gate position of the plastic injection mold. The gate design avoids too long pressure transmission at different positions;

(5) The design of the injection mold is reasonable to avoid the existence of sharp corners and concentrated stress.

3. Forming process
(1) Increase the injection speed and injection pressure, and adopt graded injection to reduce the deformation caused by residual stress;

(2) Adjust the mold temperature to an appropriate value;

(3) Increase the melt temperature;

(4) Properly reduce the holding pressure during injection molding to avoid stress concentration.
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