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How to use release agent reasonably in injection molding process

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-07
In the process of injection molding, the plastic part needs to be released from the mold smoothly after injection molding. This step is called demoulding. Whether the plastic part can be demoulded normally depends largely on the structure of the molding mold. Reasonable design and reasonable selection of process parameters for injection molding products. If the plastic part cannot be demolded normally, it will definitely affect the production efficiency and production quality of the plastic part. In addition, some normal process fluctuations will also affect the smooth demoulding. At this time, we usually use a release agent to assist the normal demoulding of the plastic part.

The choice of release agent should be determined according to the raw materials for injection products. One of the most widely used release agents is zinc stearate, in addition to polyamide resins; there are also silicone oil release agents, which have good release effects but are more expensive. At present, the most widely used and more convenient to operate is the use of spraying atomized release agent. The mold release agents TG series methyl silicone oil, TB series liquid paraffin and TBM series castor oil sold on the market have good mold release effects. The selection of release agents for different resin molded products is also different.

Plastic products such as polystyrene and abs generally use methyl silicone release agent, PC/POM use silicone release agent, hard or reinforced pigments use butyl stearate release agent, commonly used Fluorocarbon liquids for plastic products and so on.

No matter what kind of release agent is used, the amount used when spraying should be subject to the smooth release of the product, and should be used as little as possible. Spraying too much release agent will affect the appearance quality of the product, oil spots will appear or the surface of the product will be dark, especially for products with high transparency requirements, and sometimes it is forbidden to use it. If the requirements for the apparent quality of the product are high, the release agent can only be applied to the part where the product is difficult to demould.
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