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How to take out the head remaining in the sprue of the plastic injection mold?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-16
What are the methods to remove the residual material in the nozzle of the plastic injection mold?

1. On the inner side of the injection port of the plastic injection mold, lightly tap the injection mold injection material with the tip of a thick copper rod. When you feel the head move slightly, take it out with a thin copper rod.
2. In order to take out the residual material head in the injection port of the plastic injection mold, the injection molding machine should be equipped with several thin copper rods and one thick copper rod smaller in diameter than the injection port to deal with any situation.

3. If you use a screwdriver instead of a copper rod, there is a risk of damage to the plastic injection mold.

4. If the remaining head of the gate of the plastic injection mold cannot be pierced from the gate side, heat it to red with a heater such as an iron wire or an alcohol lamp, and pierce the gate material from the side of the plastic injection mold, and use pliers after fully cooling Clamp. At this time, a brass plate (or cloth strip) must be placed at the lower end of the pliers to prevent damage to the injection mold when taking it out.
5. When the injection material cannot be taken out by the above method, apply the solvent of the material (such as acetone, etc.) on it. After the material dissolves for a period of time, take it out slowly with a copper rod, but be careful not to get close to the fire.

6. After taking it out, blow it into the sprue hole of the plastic injection mold with air, spray the release agent on it, and reproduce it.
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