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How to solve the poor color luster of products produced by injection molding

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-07
Generally speaking, the surface of the products produced by plastic molds is very smooth, and the color and luster are also relatively good. However, in the actual production process, we often encounter some problems in the color and smoothness of the finished product, resulting in the birth of many 'defective products'. What is the reason for this? In addition to the problem of raw materials, we also need to analyze these points.

Reasons for poor chromaticity of products produced by injection molding:

1. The finish of the injection mold is poor, there is rust on the surface of the cavity, etc., and the exhaust of the mold is poor.

2. Too much recycled material is used, the quality of plastic or colorant is poor, water vapor or other impurities are mixed, and the quality of lubricant used is poor.

3. If the gating system of the injection mold is defective, the cold slug well should be enlarged, the runners should be enlarged, the main runners should be polished, the runners and gates should be enlarged.

4. The material temperature and mold temperature are low, if necessary, local heating of the gate can be used.

5. The plastic should be fully plasticized, but the degradation of the material must be prevented, the heating must be stable, and the cooling must be sufficient, especially for thick-walled ones.

6. The clamping force should be sufficient during the manufacturing process of injection molds.

7. The processing pressure of the injection mold is too low, the speed is too slow, the injection time is insufficient, and the back pressure is insufficient, resulting in poor compactness and darkening of the surface.

8. To prevent cold material from entering the workpiece, use a self-locking spring or lower the temperature of the nozzle if necessary.

When such a problem occurs, follow the above method to check. Even if there is a problem in the production process, remedial measures can be taken well to reduce the impact on production.
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