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How to solve the cracking problem of injection mold tensile parts?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-20
Due to various unfavorable factors, the injection mold causes the stretched part to crack, which is a very serious appearance defect. Too many defective products are even completely scrapped, which greatly wastes raw materials, reduces production efficiency, and wastes resource losses. How to solve this situation?

The surface color of the binder is uneven, the friction is bad, the binder rib is damaged, the mold dry installation length is different, the vent hole and the stretching fillet are unreasonable, and can be dealt with and repaired one by one according to the above situations.
The position of the test punching board and the pressure of the air cushion are unreasonable and need to be adjusted within an appropriate range. At the same time, gauze or other plastic cloth methods can be used to change the inflow of the board.

The size, shape and size of the punching plate are unreasonable, and there is no certain number of process holes, which can be improved by changing the size of the punching plate and adding process holes, or printing grid lines on the punching plate, which can be more clearly Learn about the board.

The surface in the material flow direction is relatively rough and needs to be polished, and the rounded corners of the supplementary part of the process can also be enlarged. In the follow-up process, the rounded corners corresponding to plastic surgery and stretching molds can also be appropriate, but attention should be paid to the number of plastic surgery and the punching direction.
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