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How to prevent the oil temperature rise of injection molding machine

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-09
From the analysis of many articles, we can see how an injection molding machine with superior performance works. At the same time, it is also possible to know which external effects can also have a certain impact on the injection molding machine. This is a debatable thing if the oil temperature of the machine is constantly rising. When many atypical problems arise, it is necessary to be fully prepared in injection molding processing.

As we all know, the problem of oil temperature rise in injection molding has always been a very annoying thing. The rise of oil temperature will not only affect the work of the machine, but also seriously affect the life of the machine. Only if we strictly implement the measures to prevent the rise of oil temperature, can we avoid the adverse effects of oil temperature rise. The following is analyzed from the aspects of viscosity index, whether there is a good hydraulic cooling system, viscosity, and other comprehensive properties.

(1) Viscosity index

This index more directly reflects the properties of oil viscosity changing with temperature. The higher the viscosity index of the oil, it means that the viscosity of the oil changes less with the change of temperature; otherwise, it is larger. The reduction of the viscosity index will reduce the environmental temperature range that the oil can adapt to. If it is necessary to use it, you should inquire the relevant information from the oil manufacturer, and make appropriate adjustments to the range of use of the oil. If necessary, you should also change the relevant settings of the equipment.

(2) Good hydraulic oil cooling system

Generally speaking, for the improvement of the hydraulic oil cooling system of injection molding machines, although the specific operation methods adopted by various manufacturers are different, the basic idea is the same, that is, whether the hydraulic oil radiator is blocked by dirt, which will easily lead to the cooling efficiency. Descend and clean the radiator when the problem arises.

(3) Viscosity of hydraulic oil

The way to determine the viscosity of hydraulic oil is that under the premise of considering the working temperature and efficiency of the hydraulic circuit, the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is in the optimal range; the viscosity of the short-term cold start corresponding to the lowest ambient temperature is ≤1000X10-6mm2/s; and the corresponding The viscosity at the highest allowable leakage oil temperature of 90°C in a short time is ≥10X10-6mm2/s. These are fixed settings.

(4) Other comprehensive properties

Due to the high working pressure of the hydraulic system of modern injection molding machines, the maximum working oil temperature of the hydraulic oil is also high. Therefore, in order to ensure that the hydraulic system can work normally during the normal oil change cycle, the lubricity of the oil selected for the system is required. , Oxidation stability, anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, anti-emulsification, anti-foaming, anti-shear stability and extreme pressure load, etc. have good quality.

The rise of injection molding machine oil temperature is a very serious problem. We must avoid the rise of oil temperature and use some necessary means. Whether it is a change in the viscosity index or the cooling system of the hydraulic oil, something will inevitably go wrong. On the other hand, the viscosity of hydraulic oil can only be reflected at a certain temperature. There are also some other comprehensive properties. It is necessary to ensure that the hydraulic oil has good quality in many aspects such as oxidation stability.

Huansu Precision also has many countermeasures to prevent the oil temperature of the injection molding machine from rising. I won't list them all here. The service life of the machine is a big problem. The second is the performance issue. In most cases, the viscosity of hydraulic oil is a good argument. Injection molding processing plants are well aware of most situations, so small oil temperature problems are naturally out of the question.
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