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How to operate injection molding process? How does injection molding work?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-16
How does injection molding work? Many customers and friends outside the industry are not clear. Mulan sorted out the relevant information. Below, Mulan will explain to you how injection molding works.

Injection molding is an industry with a wide range of knowledge, strong technology and strong practicability. Plastic raw materials, toner, nozzle materials, molds, injection molding machines, peripheral equipment, fixtures, spraying, various auxiliary materials and packaging materials, etc. In the injection molding production process, this brings a lot of workload and certain difficulty to the management of the injection molding workshop. Compared with other industries or departments, the requirements for managers at all levels of the injection molding workshop are higher, so how does the injection molding production run?
Injection molding processing refers to the business in which the entrusting party provides raw materials and molds, and the injection molding manufacturer produces injection molding products according to the entrusting party's regulations and charges processing fees.

Injection molding production requires 24-hour continuous operation, usually in two shifts. There are many jobs in the injection molding workshop, the division of responsibilities is complicated, and the skill requirements for personnel in different positions are also different. In order to make the production and operation of the injection molding workshop smooth, it is necessary to manage the personnel, materials, equipment and tools involved in various links and positions, mainly including: raw material room, crushing room, batching room, production site, post-processing area, tool room, semi-finished products Operation and coordination management of districts, offices and other areas.
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