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How to increase the appearance brightness of injection molding for custom breast pumps

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-04
How does a customized breast pump increase the appearance brightness of injection molding? Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Factory will communicate various quality requirements before the custom processing of injection molded parts, because the brightness directly affects the appearance of injection molded parts, so it is a detail that many customers attach great importance to. As a representative product of maternal and infant feeding products, when breast pumps are customized and processed, ensuring the brightness of the appearance is also an important indicator for passing the inspection. So, how does a custom breast pump add brightness to an injection molded look?

The main reasons that affect the brightness of injection molded parts are injection molds, injection molding processing technology and so on.

1. In terms of injection molds, poor processing of the mold cavity, oil stains on the surface, water stains, etc. will cause the surface of the injection molded parts to be dull and have poor gloss. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully craft and be careful in mold manufacturing to reduce the roughness of the cavity surface , if necessary, it can be polished and chrome-plated; when there are oil stains and water stains, it needs to be cleaned in time;

2. If the demoulding slope of the injection molded part is too small, it is difficult to demould, the mold is not vented well, or the gate or the cross section of the runner is too small, etc., may also cause poor gloss, and it is necessary to adjust the mold in a targeted manner;

3. In the injection molding process, the injection speed is too small, the surface of the injection molded part is not dense, the wall of the injection molded part is thick, the cooling is insufficient, the holding pressure is insufficient, and the time is short, etc., may cause poor gloss. Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Factory stated that when these problems occur, the technicians of the injection mold factory need to adjust the injection molding processing parameters in time according to the specific problems, so as to improve the appearance brightness of injection molding.

The above is the detailed introduction of Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Factory on 'How to increase the brightness of injection molding for custom breast pumps?' Processing solutions, welcome to contact us online.
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