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How to determine the quality of the prototype and how to improve the quality of the prototype model?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-09
In the process of prototype production, the designer confirms the rationality of the design through mold testing; the final completion can only be completed after multiple mold trials and repeated modification of the prototype. Once some prototypes are put into use on the production line, various problems often occur, causing production line failure. The abnormal stoppage of work, etc., has brought many unstable factors. Therefore, how to improve the quality of prototypes has become a practical problem faced by prototype manufacturers. Quality is the most important thing that users care about when buying a prototype. The quality of the prototype model will also directly affect the quality, output, cost and cycle time of new products. Therefore, more and more companies have put forward higher requirements for the quality of the prototype model. From what aspects should the prototype model be judged to be of good quality? First of all, under the premise of ensuring the quality of the prototype, the prototype product has a longer service life, the stability and conformity of the prototype size; the maintenance cost and maintenance cycle of the prototype, etc.; whether it is the most convenient to use, the length of time for demoulding and production assistance. In order to solve the quality problem of the prototype, it is necessary to strictly check from several aspects. The internal management strength of an enterprise is very important. An enterprise must have a complete quality control system, and the experience of the supervisor must be very rich; establish a database, continuously summarize and optimize it, and use the CAE analysis software system to obtain the optimal solution; Implement the standardization of production process and standardization of production process; the design of parts must be reasonable, and the best structural scheme must be selected. The designer of the product must consider whether the technology and structure of the product conform to the manufacturability and feasibility of hand model making ;In the stage of process formulation, by analyzing the prototype, predict the possible defects of the product during manufacturing, so as to formulate a high-quality manufacturing process plan; to meet the quality requirements of the customer's product, the user must also consider the cost of material purchase and The design cycle and the strength of the material; as long as these points are done well, the production of high-quality prototypes is not a problem.
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