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How to deal with the plastic deformation produced by injection mold molding?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-20
1. Why does plastic deformation fail during the molding process of injection molds?
Under the action of molding pressure and molding temperature, due to local plastic deformation, the phenomenon that the mold cannot continue to be used is called plastic deformation failure.

Manifestations of plastic deformation during injection mold molding:

1) There are pitting and wrinkling on the surface wall of the mold cavity;
2) Partial accumulation or depression of injection molded products.

2. What are the reasons for the failure and deformation of the injection mold:

1) The strength of the mold cavity material is insufficient;

2) The hardened layer of the surface wall is too thin;

3) The working temperature of the injection mold is too high, resulting in softening due to tempering.

3. Rescue measures:
1) Choose better injection mold materials

2) Strengthen heat treatment.
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