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How to choose injection mold custom processing workpiece positioning original?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-20
1. Injection mold custom processing workpiece plane positioning
According to the degree of freedom restricted by the plane, it is divided into three categories:

The main support surface restricts the positioning plane of the three degrees of freedom of the workpiece, and is often used for the positioning surface of the workpiece with high precision.
The guide support surface is a positioning plane that limits the two degrees of freedom of the workpiece, and is often made into a narrow and long surface.

The thrust bearing surface restricts a plane with one degree of freedom. In order to ensure accurate positioning, the area of ​​the plane is often as small as possible.

2. Injection mold custom processing workpiece round hole positioning

Long-run selling restricts four degrees of freedom; short-run selling restricts two degrees of freedom.

3. Cylindrical surface positioning
The positioning datum is the centerline of the outer circle. There are three types commonly used

Positioning sleeve: Realize the centering and positioning of the support plate: Position the outer circle

V block: centering and centering on the outer circular surface
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