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How to choose a reliable injection molding manufacturer

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-03
How to choose a reliable injection molding processing factory? Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Processing Factory said that the rapid development of the injection molding industry has enabled my country to grow a large number of injection molding processing factories with good technology and good management. At present, my country has become a big country of injection molding processing products in the world, and the injection molding products manufactured every year flow to all parts of the world. There are more and more orders, which makes many injection molding processing factories choose the production path of outsourcing injection molding processing orders. So, how to choose a reliable injection molding processing manufacturer? It is a very important issue for you to ensure the quality when you complete the injection molding order?

1. What is injection molding?

Injection molding is a method of producing shapes for industrial products. Products usually use rubber injection molding and plastic injection molding. Injection molding can also be divided into injection molding molding method and die casting method. Four elements of injection molding: plastic mold, injection molding machine, plastic raw materials, molding conditions.

2. Injection molding

How to choose a reliable injection molding processing factory? There are 35 injection molding processing machines in Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Processing Factory. A total of 24 sets per ton, a total of 7 sets of vertical rubber injection molding processing machines of 35 tons, 85 tons, 160 tons, and 260 tons, and a total of 4 sets of two-color injection molding processing machines of 260 tons, 360 tons, and 550 tons; In order to meet the requirements of injection molding processing orders, we have a team of skilled and experienced talents, who can provide one-stop package delivery from mold design and development, mold processing, injection molding processing, spraying, packaging and delivery.

3. How to choose a trustworthy injection molding processing factory to complete the injection molding processing order?

1. Check whether the injection molding factory has a mold design and development department, as well as the actual situation of the injection molding department, but don't be confused by appearances. Don't use the cleanliness of the workshop to determine the strength of a factory. Investigate injection molding machine equipment, management system, boss's operating philosophy, etc. A good mold will have a good product.

2. Whether the injection molding processing plant can deliver in one-stop package. As a customer, we all hope to get the finished product without the cost of the intermediate transfer link. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct an on-site investigation of the factory to see whether the finished product can be completed.

3. Proofing of injection molding products. Before opening the mold for production, it is necessary to go through proofing to see if the sample meets the requirements for product quality. Injection molding processing manufacturers will have relevant staff to seamlessly connect with customers, from the initial stage of design to product confirmation, to ensure seamless connection between users and factories, and to ensure the progress of injection molding processing products.

4. Pre-sales and after-sales service. The service of injection molding processing manufacturers not only depends on whether they can deliver on time, but also depends on whether they can quickly deal with problems when encountering problems, without delaying customers' delivery and product quality.

Fourth, the selection of injection molding processing manufacturers need to pay attention to several items:

1. Don't just look at the price, but also comprehensively consider the quality, cycle, service and other aspects.

There are many types of general injection molds, which can be roughly divided into ten categories. According to different requirements such as part material, physical and chemical properties, mechanical strength, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, service life, economy, etc., different types of molds are selected for forming. Molds with high precision requirements need to be processed by high-precision CNC machine tools, and there are strict requirements on mold materials and forming processes. CAD/CAE/CAM mold technology is also required to design and analyze.

Some parts have special requirements during molding, and the mold needs to use hot runner, gas-assisted molding, nitrogen cylinder and other processes. Injection mold manufacturers should have CNC, EDM, wire cutting machine tools and CNC copy milling equipment, high-precision grinding machines, high-precision three-coordinate measuring instruments, computer design and related software, etc. Generally, for large-scale stamping dies (such as automobile cover dies), it is necessary to consider whether the machine tool has a blank-holding mechanism, or even a side lubricant, multi-station progressive, etc. In addition to stamping tonnage, punching times, feeding devices, machine tools and mold protection devices should also be considered.

2. Don't just focus on product design and ignore plastic mold manufacturing.

When some users are developing products or trial production of new products, they often only focus on product research and development at the initial stage, ignoring communication with plastic mold manufacturing units. In fact, after the product design plan is initially determined, there are many advantages to contacting the injection mold factory in advance. It can ensure that the designed products have good craftsmanship, and the finalized design will not be modified because the parts are difficult to process, so as to prevent poor consideration in a hurry and affect the construction period.

3. Avoid multi-headed cooperation, try to be one-stop for plastic mold making and production and processing.

How to choose a reliable injection molding manufacturer? With qualified molds, it may not be possible to produce batches of qualified products. This is mainly related to the selection of the machine tool for the part, the process (forming temperature, forming time, etc.) and the technical quality of the operator. With a good mold, there is also a good forming injection molding process. It is a one-stop cooperation, and try to avoid multi-head cooperation. If the conditions are not met, it is necessary to choose a party to be responsible, and it must be clearly written when signing the contract.
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