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How to adjust the moving speed of the template? What is the effect?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-07
The work movement speed of the formwork is variable. The speed change during the mold closing movement is to move close to the fixed template quickly, and then slow down to close the mold with the fixed forming mold; when the mold opening movement is working, the mold is first opened slowly, then moved away quickly, and then stopped slowly. The speed of moving the template is generally
20~35m/min, the slow speed of moving the formwork is generally 0.3~3m/min. The mobile template adopts fast speed to shorten the production cycle of a single product
;The slow speed of mold opening is to protect the product from damage; the slow speed of mold closing is to make the two-piece mold
It can be closed smoothly and accurately to avoid damage to the mold.
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