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How much does it cost to open a plastic mold?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-09
Plastic products are mass-produced based on plastic molds. How much does it cost to open a set of plastic molds? The prices on the market vary from a few thousand to ten thousand or tens of thousands. So how much is a set of plastic molds? We do not evaluate this at random, but according to the structure and size of the product. Specifically, we can estimate the following content.

The factors that determine the opening price of plastic molds are as follows:

1. The expected production volume of plastic molds determines what kind of material to use and what price to use.

2. The size and shape of the product are simple and complex. This determines the corresponding structure of the plastic mold, which is directly related to the cost of the plastic mold.

3. The product has different requirements for size and appearance, precise requirements, high or low appearance requirements, and different processing costs.

4. The requirement for the number of holes in the plastic mold is to open and close the mold at one time and produce several products, one or more at a time. This is generally only for products that are not too large.

Generally speaking, the production cost of plastic mold is 6~10 times of its material cost. The specific amount depends on the complexity of the plastic mold. Plastic molds with simple structure, low requirements, and general materials

Tool, the product is within 10CM, and the mold for the two holes probably costs less than 20,000. It's hard to say exactly, it depends on the product.

If there is a specific product picture, a relatively close cost can be calculated, but the quotation of each plastic mold manufacturer will vary greatly, because each plastic mold manufacturer has different requirements for profit points.

Some people also ask why it is so expensive to open a plastic mold?

This is mainly because the structure is complex, there are many processing procedures, and the labor cost is large. In addition, the price of materials for making injection molds is not cheap, so the cost of plastic molds cannot be low.
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