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How do injection molding manufacturers maintain customers' molds

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-07
Generally speaking, after the mold is opened, it is stored in the injection molding factory. It can be installed and used at any time when it is convenient to use, but the mold must be maintained regularly when it is not in use, otherwise the mold may be due to environmental reasons. damage.

1. It is necessary for injection molding manufacturers to make a maintenance list for injection molds, just like cars, it is necessary to make a maintenance history card for injection molds. Replaced customer name, product material, surface requirements, injection mold maintenance
Detailed documentation of (lubrication, cleaning, rust prevention) and damaged parts allows for seamless handovers to avoid missing replacements in the future or manual communication between different responsible persons.

2. Several important parts of the injection mold must undergo key tracking and inspection: ejector pins and guide posts are used to ensure the opening and closing movement of the mold and the ejection of plastic parts. If any part of the mold is stuck due to damage, and a batch of products is stuck in the mold and the mold is closed again, the damage to the mold will be greater. Therefore, injection molding manufacturers should regularly maintain the lubrication of the ejector pin and guide post of the mold (the appropriate lubricant should be selected), and regularly check whether the ejector pin and guide post are deformed or damaged. Once found, it should be replaced in time. With the continuous extension of production time, the cooling channel is prone to deposit scale, rust, sludge, algae, etc. This makes the cross-section of the cooling channel smaller and narrower, greatly reducing the heat exchange rate between the cooling liquid and the mold, and increasing the production cost of the enterprise. Therefore, injection molding manufacturers should pay attention to the cleaning of cooling channels. For hot runner molds, the maintenance of heating and control systems is especially important because it helps prevent production failures.

3. The surface of the injection mold should be treated with anti-rust treatment, the common one is to apply anti-rust oil, so sometimes you can see colorful molds in the injection molding factory. This is because the surface of the injection mold is professionally treated against rust. This is also a common method for mold maintenance immediately after injection molding is completed and the mold is lowered, which directly affects whether the surface of the injection molded product can meet customer requirements.

Do a good job in the maintenance of the above components, the mold should be better protected, so as to reduce the occurrence of problems during use.
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