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How Aluminum Alloy CNC Machining is Applied in the Electronics Industry

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-02
Whether it is metal or plastic structural parts, functional prototypes or appearance prototypes can be quickly completed by CNC, thereby promoting the development of the entire product. CNC consumer electronics structural parts are of great significance to product research and development. The consumer electronics industry is a typical technology-driven industry. While technological innovation reshapes the industry format every time, it also brings emerging consumer electronics industry needs. Half of the development cycle of consumer electronics products is used for the design and manufacture of structural parts, which is a key link in the production and manufacture of consumer electronics products, and its advanced production technology has also become an important support for the production of consumer electronics products. As an important basic framework of consumer electronics, structural components provide fixation, support, decoration, and protection for other functional components. Depending on the application environment, it also has functions such as connectivity, shock resistance, heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, interference prevention, and antistatic properties. According to the materials used, structural parts can be divided into metal structural parts and plastic structural parts. In the early stage of product development, the application of CNC to metal or plastic structural parts is of great significance. Whether it is metal or plastic structural parts, functional prototypes or appearance prototypes can be quickly completed by CNC, thereby promoting the development of the entire product. The application and development of aluminum CNC consumer electronic product structural parts In recent years, terminal manufacturers are developing new structural product products for new models to speed up the upgrading of consumer electronic products. The aluminum alloy integrally formed shell is one of them. Why is it only recently considered to use aluminum alloy as the housing of consumer electronic products? The main reasons are as follows: 1) Compared with plastic structural parts, CNC processing of aluminum structural parts is more difficult, and the cost of materials and processing is higher. If aluminum is applied to structural parts, it will directly affect the sales of products. 2) Consumers have diverse demands on the appearance and color of consumer electronic products. However, the particularity of the physical properties of aluminum structural parts determines that it is difficult to color. Whether it is the diversification of colors or the durability of coloring, it is important. There are certain technical barriers; 3) Consumer electronics products require high radio frequency signal transmission capability and stability, but aluminum structural parts have electromagnetic shielding characteristics, which is not conducive to the use of consumer electronics products. With the development of science and technology, the above problems have been gradually solved. The development of the anodizing process solves the coloring problem of aluminum structural parts, while the radio frequency signal transmission problem can be solved by hollowing out the top and bottom of the back plate and filling it with ceramic materials. The case of Vowinapplying CNC to make aluminum consumer electronics products The case of Vowinapplying CNC to making aluminum consumer electronics products 1) The application of CNC in the structural parts of consumer electronics products uses 6-series aluminum, CNC processing, and multi-color oxidation to achieve Meet the customer's demand for the diversity of appearance of consumer electronic products. In addition to oxidation, we can also perform post-painting treatment on aluminum products, and the effect and texture are better than plastic appearance parts. 2) In addition to structural parts, CNC is also widely used in heat dissipation parts of consumer electronics products. When it comes to heat dissipation, everyone will think of copper as a material, but because copper is much more expensive than aluminum and weighs more, aluminum is more effective in heat dissipation. get more general application. Vowinhas helped many customers complete the processing of various radiators through CNC, and has also gained experience in processing radiators. The advantages of aluminum products applied to the housing of consumer electronics products The successful application of aluminum structural parts in consumer electronics products has promoted the development of the entire aluminum product industry chain, and the technology of CNC processing consumer electronics products has become increasingly mature. Sandblasting, oxidation and other processes and scales have also been significantly improved. With the update of consumer demand, the derivation of high polishing effect has also been promoted. Consumer electronic products using aluminum structural parts have significantly improved compression resistance, bending resistance, heat dissipation, and scratch resistance, and have a more fashionable appearance and better texture. Woneng has a lot of experience in CNC machining of consumer electronics aluminum structural parts for reference. As a factory with ISO 9001 certification, Woneng will strictly implement the quality control according to ISO 9001. If you need our support for similar projects, you can contact our email:info@waykenrm.com. We believe that our quality and service will bring you a great experience.
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