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Hand plate surface treatment - laser engraving

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-08
Laser engraving is also called laser engraving or laser marking. It is a process of surface treatment using optical principles. It is often used on the keys of mobile phones and electronic dictionaries. It is engraved by the chemical and physical changes of surface materials caused by the light energy of the laser beam. It can be divided into dot matrix engraving and vector cutting according to different engraving methods. Dot-matrix engraving——similar to high-definition dot-matrix printing; the laser head swings left and right, engraving a line composed of a series of dots each time, and then the laser head moves up and down at the same time to carve multiple lines, finally forming a full page The image or text; its scanned graphics, text and vector graphics can be engraved with dot matrix. Different from dot-matrix engraving, vector cutting is carried out on the outline of the graphic. This mode is usually used for penetrating cutting on wood, paper, acrylic and other materials, and it can also be used for marking on the surface of various materials! Laser engraving is a process of surface treatment, which is similar to screen printing and pad printing. It is used to print characters or patterns on products. The process is different and the price is different. The products produced by laser engraving and silk screen printing have similar visual effects from the outside, but there are still big differences in reality. The following is a brief introduction to their differences: ①: For laser engraved products, fonts and patterns are transparent; for silk screen products, they are opaque. ②: For laser engraving products, the color of the font and pattern is the color of the material, and the background color is the color of the ink; the product of silk screen printing is exactly the opposite of the laser engraving product. ③: In terms of wear resistance, laser engraving is better than silk screen printing ④: The principles used by the two processes are different. Laser engraving uses optical principles for surface treatment, while silk screen printing uses physical principles to allow ink to stick to it. ⑤: The price is different, but the price is still judged by the difficulty of the font and pattern.
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