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Five elements of two-color mold manufacturing

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-02
Although two-color injection molding products are very popular with consumers, their prices are much more expensive than ordinary plastic products, because manufacturing a set of high-quality two-color molds is technically more complicated than ordinary single-color molds, and many small mold factories do not have the ability to manufacture Two-color mold. Only large-scale two-color mold manufacturers can manufacture a complete set of two-color molds alone, and a set of high-quality two-color mold manufacturing, the following five elements are essential.

1. Evaluation of two-color mold opening and process analysis of plastic products
Two-color mold design is required before two-color mold design*Mold opening evaluation and analysis of the process of plastic products to be produced later, including product appearance, size and shape, to avoid unnecessary complexity in subsequent two-color mold design.

2. Two-color mold structure design

A set of high-quality molds not only requires good processing equipment and skilled mold manufacturing workers, but also requires a very important factor * to have a good mold design, especially for complex molds, the quality of mold design accounts for the majority of mold quality More than 80%. A mold design. *The mold design is: under the premise of meeting the customer's requirements, the processing cost is low, the processing difficulty is small, and the processing time is short. For this reason, it is necessary not only to fully digest the requirements of customers, but also to understand the injection molding machine, mold structure, processing technology and the processing capacity of the mold factory itself.

3. Two-color mold material selection

Mold material selection is a very important link in the whole two-color mold processing process. The selection of two-color mold materials needs to meet the three principles of wear resistance, strength and toughness, fatigue fracture performance, high temperature performance, cold and heat fatigue performance, and corrosion resistance, while meeting economic applicability.

4. Processing and assembly of two-color mold parts

In addition to reasonable design and material selection, the precision of the two-color mold is also in the subsequent processing and assembly stage* Therefore, in order to ensure the machining accuracy of the mold, high-precision processing equipment and experienced technicians are required.

Fifth, mold testing

After the entire two-color mold is assembled, in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and trouble during mass production, it is really necessary to patiently adjust and control various processing conditions, find out good temperature and pressure conditions, and conduct a standard mold test on the entire two-color mold; mold test The quality of the results will directly affect whether the subsequent production of the factory is smooth. Therefore, in the process of mold testing, reasonable operation steps must be followed to record useful technical parameters in the process of mold testing, which is conducive to mass production of products.
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