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Factors Affecting Life of Injection Mold of Milk Warmer

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-05
Influencing factors of the life of the injection mold of the milk warmer, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory stated that the life of the injection mold refers to the number of injection molding processes that the injection mold can achieve under the condition of ensuring the quality of the plastic parts. It includes the number of qualified plastic products produced by injection molding after repair. In general,
The longer the injection mold life, the lower the injection molding processing cost. So, what are the factors affecting the life of the injection mold of the milk warmer?

1. Injection mold structure, a reasonable injection mold structure helps to improve the mold bearing capacity, so as to reduce the heat and load borne by the injection mold; avoid mutual damage between the punch and the die;

2. Injection mold materials, the larger the production quantity of injection molding, the higher the load that the injection mold needs to bear, so in the selection of materials, it is necessary to choose high-performance raw materials with strong bearing capacity and long service life as much as possible;

3. The processing quality of the injection mold, the heat treatment of the injection mold, and the defects generated during the processing of the parts will affect the life of the injection mold.

Factors affecting the life of the milk warmer injection mold. In addition, the state of the injection mold parts and the working state of the mold may affect the life of the milk warmer injection mold. The mold manufacturing technology of the injection mold factory will also affect to a certain extent
Injection mold life. Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory suggests that before making injection molds, it is necessary to carefully select mold manufacturers. It is necessary to conduct an on-site evaluation and inspection of the manufacturer before we can arrange the production of injection molds to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future.
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