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Factors Affecting Dimensional Accuracy of Electric Toothbrush Injection Molding

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-14
What are the factors that affect the dimensional accuracy of electric toothbrush injection molding? Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Factory pointed out that whether the injection molding accuracy of electric toothbrush can be achieved depends to a large extent on the mold structure and manufacturing accuracy, and whether the injection molding of raw materials can meet the requirements of the product. According to the design requirements, the filling performance of the mold gate is good, and the mold cooling system is normal. So, what are the factors that affect the dimensional accuracy of electric toothbrush injection molding?

1. Fluctuation of molding shrinkage rate: Plastic raw materials and molding process conditions have a great influence on the fluctuation of molding shrinkage rate and shrinkage rate of plastic parts. Plastic crystallization, fluidity, elastic modulus, material temperature and mold temperature, injection pressure, holding pressure, molding cycle, etc., will have varying degrees of impact on shrinkage. In the case of the same plastic material, the structure of the electric toothbrush is reasonable, the molding process, mold structure, and manufacturing accuracy are reasonable, and the dimensional accuracy of injection molding processing is not affected;

2. Mold structure and manufacturing accuracy: Before mold design, it is necessary to fully consider the mold parting surface and the fluidity of the melt during injection molding, namely: gate position, exhaust, mold temperature control system, and runner distribution. During the injection molding process, the inside of the mold cavity will be subjected to a large pressure, and insufficient mold rigidity will cause the mold to deform and reduce the dimensional accuracy of the injection molding process;

3. Mold wear: The mold will cause different degrees of wear during the injection molding process, so the mold cavity should be made of materials with good wear resistance, or the surface of the mold should be hardened to ensure the accuracy of the injection molding processing size.

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