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Extreme production process to ensure delivery

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-07
In pursuit of the ultimate production process, analysis can minimize work in progress and inventory, reduce costs, shorten manufacturing time, and improve product accuracy to ensure perfect product delivery. 1. Analysis and selection of materials in the production process (1) According to the main performance indicators, select materials that meet the requirements, commonly used: aluminum alloy. (2) Select the material and its molding process according to the molding process of the material, the complexity of the parts, the production batch of the parts, the existing production conditions, and the technical conditions. (3) Consider material cost, molding processability, material performance, reliability of use, etc., and use optimization methods to select the most suitable material. Choose materials with high performance-price ratio, considering raw material cost, raw material utilization rate, material molding cost, processing cost and production cycle. For example: For robot structural parts, AL7075 is stronger and harder than AL6061, but its processing time is more time-consuming than AL6061, and the material price is higher. Without considering other circumstances, AL6061 is the best choice for cost performance. 2. Processing plan and process analysis (1) To ensure the technical requirements of the processed parts, process qualified products. Select the process and processing method according to customer requirements and product use environment to ensure that products that meet technical requirements are processed. (2) Conducive to improving productivity. Improving productivity and qualification rate is the focus of the processing plan. The process and equipment selected for prototype production and mass production need to be selected according to delivery time and production cost. (3) Reduce production costs (processing costs) as much as possible. While ensuring the production of products that satisfy customers, choosing and improving more efficient and reasonable processing solutions that can reduce customer costs will make you more competitive. 3. Guarantee of processing precision The guarantee of precision is very important to the precision of the equipment. Usually, the precision of the equipment determines the precision of the product. The use of more sophisticated processing equipment is a rigid requirement. Experienced machining programming engineers and operating engineers are also important factors to ensure machining accuracy and pass rate. Skilled operating skills and machining techniques can create miracles. In the process of processing, it is also very important to reduce, compensate, transfer, divide and average the original error. At the same time, for products with lower precision requirements, using low-precision and low-cost processing equipment is a good way to save costs and time for customers. 4. Special-shaped and internal processing scheme The processing of special-shaped parts, such as deep holes, inner cavities, parts with processing blind spots, the degree of freedom with CNC, and the size of tools, etc., cannot be realized by ordinary CNC processing. EDM and wire cutting can make up for this deficiency. The principle is to reduce the thickness of parts by using electric corrosion on the metal surface to achieve the purpose of part processing. For the processing of special-shaped parts, it is usually necessary to make some copper molds according to the internal structure requirements of the parts, and then process the parts through the conductive characteristics of the copper molds. However, the generally processed surface is relatively rough and needs further grinding. Compared with the appearance prototype, the processing difficulty of the physical prototype is highlighted in that it is difficult to realize special-shaped parts. 5. Process upgrading is the best way to reduce costs Efficient process upgrading is the best choice to improve efficiency, increase production capacity and reduce manufacturing costs. Scientifically and innovatively analyze and formulate the process flow in the realization of customer projects, clarify the key and difficult points of the process according to customer requirements, conduct comprehensive process analysis, and compile reasonable and effective process plans and process regulations. Formulate a more scientific and efficient process flow and system, constantly summarize the experience and lessons in the process of process implementation, promote and implement advanced experience, and achieve optimal control of process flow, cost, and quality. For example, the processing method of the robotic arm: while improving its load-bearing capacity, strength and precision to a higher degree. Research and develop how to improve the accuracy of CNC machining after casting of the robotic arm, and formulate a more cost-saving machining process for customers.
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