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Electronic product injection mold bottom cover fixed mold inclined push rod

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-15
1. Structural analysis of plastic parts

The plastic part is the bottom cover of the game machine, plastic: PC+ABS, the shrinkage rate is 0.5%. The size of the plastic part is larger and the structure is more complicated. There are four places where lateral core pulling is required, among which core pulling inside the fixed mold is a difficult point in the design of injection molds. Next, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory will introduce in detail the electronic product bottom cover fixed mold oblique push rod, fixed mold 'T' buckle core-pulling injection mold.

2. Structural analysis of injection mold

The mold blank specification is Long Kee Sanban Die Mold Blank 3045-FCH-A130-B90-400, which is built-in. The fixed-distance parting mechanism, the gating system is a common runner point gate gating system. The lateral core-pulling mechanisms are all on the side of the fixed mold, two of which are external core-pulling mechanisms of the fixed mold. Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory adopts the structure of T-shaped block + slider; the other two are lateral core-pulling mechanisms inside the fixed mold. The mechanism adopts the fixed mold inclined push rod structure, and the inclined push rod is fixed on the fixed mold push plate. The push plate of the fixed mold is pushed out by the spring and reset by the reset lever. The pushing distance of the fixed mold push block should be strictly controlled to prevent the two oblique push rods from interfering with each other when they are pushed out. The angle of the two push rods should not be too large, it should be within 8°, and this mold is 7°. The locking buckle prevents the metal insert injection mold from opening during transportation, causing safety accidents, and the locking buckle should be removed during production.

3. Injection mold
work process

The melt enters the cavity through the point gate gating system, and the mold is opened after injection molding is completed. Under the action of the built-in fixed-distance parting mechanism, the mold is opened from the parting surface 1 first. In this process, the injection mold performs three tasks:

① Separation of pouring system condensate and plastic parts;

②The T-shaped block drives the fixed mold slider and pulls the core outside the fixed mold;

③The spring pushes the push rod fixing plate, and then pushes the inclined push rod and completes the inner core pulling of the fixed mold. The mold opening distance of parting surface 1 is 145mm, which is controlled by a small tie rod. Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory then opened the mold from the parting surface 2. In this process, the injection mold completed the outer core pulling, and at the same time, the stripper plate pushed the flow channel aggregate away from the injection mold to realize the automatic de-casting of the mold. . The mold opening distance of parting surface 2 is 12mm, which is controlled by limit nails. The metal insert injection mold is opened from the parting surface 3, and the movable and fixed templates are separated. After the mold opening stroke is completed, the push rod will push the push rod to push the plastic part out of the injection mold.
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