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Dimensional control technology for mold and injection molded products

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-02
Along with the rapid development of the mold industry, at the same time, the scope of application of new technology continues to develop and expand, and software development has made a qualitative leap from traditional experience accumulation to application control. The wide application of CADCAM and CAE provides imagination space for our geometric size control technology of molds and mold products. Due to the great differences in the market demand of molds and mold products, they are divided into different categories and vary greatly in shape, size, material, structure and other aspects. , The high requirements have made us encounter many difficulties in the production process of molds and products. Today, I am here to talk about the control of the forming size of injection molded parts. Specifically, when it comes to injection molds, I will introduce them from several aspects.

The first is the control in mold design. 1. It is a necessary condition to fully understand the technical requirements of users in many aspects such as mold structure, material, hardness, and precision. Including whether the shrinkage rate of the formed plastic material is correct, whether the 3D size of the product is complete, and reasonable processing and analysis. 2. Pay attention to all places that affect the appearance of injection molded parts such as shrinkage cavity, flow mark, draft angle, weld line and crack. 3. Simplify the processing method of the mold as much as possible without hindering the product function and pattern shape of the injection molded part. 4. Whether the selection of the parting surface is appropriate, the mold processing, the appearance of the forming and the deburring of the formed parts must be carefully selected, etc.

Secondly, in the control of process manufacturing. Although a comprehensive arrangement and inspection has been carried out in the design stage, there will still be problems of one kind or another in actual production. Therefore, it is necessary to find out more effective, more economical and reasonable technological means in actual processing. 1. Choose economical and adaptable machine tool equipment for 2D and 3D processing solutions. 2. Appropriate tooling and fixtures can also be considered for auxiliary preparations in production, and the reasonable use of cutting tools can prevent product parts from being deformed, prevent product parts from fluctuating in shrinkage rate, prevent product parts from being demolded and deformed, improve the precision of mold manufacturing, reduce Small errors, preventing changes in mold precision, etc., a series of production process requirements and solutions, etc.

Control again on the production side. This is a common occurrence, that is, fluctuations in geometric dimensions after plastic parts are formed, and it is a common phenomenon: 1. Control of material temperature and mold temperature. Different grades of plastic must have different temperature requirements, and plastic materials with poor fluidity There will be different situations with the use of more than two kinds of mixtures, so the plastic material should be controlled within the optimal flow value range, which is usually easy to do, but the control of mold temperature is more complicated. Different molded parts The difference in geometric shape, size, and wall thickness ratio has certain requirements for the cooling system. 2. Adjustment and control of pressure and exhaust. 3. Supplementary control of the size of injection molded parts. These are favorable controls on the production side.

Summary Die geometry control technology is diverse. We can roughly analyze and introduce it from three aspects. It has multiple aspects of control to achieve the desired appearance effect. This is control in terms of mold design. Secondly, the control in process manufacturing. Improve the precision of mold production, reduce errors, and prevent mold precision from changing. Again, control in terms of production. The control of material temperature and mold temperature, the adjustment and control of pressure and exhaust, and the supplementary shaping control of the size of injection molded parts. In the injection molding process, the dimensional control technology of injection molded parts affects the final product in all aspects.
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