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Detailed steps of plastic injection mold manufacturing and processing

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-04
The detailed steps of plastic injection mold manufacturing and processing, mold manufacturing and processing is a crucial link in the injection molding business. The process of mold manufacturing and processing is quite complicated. Therefore, when customers are looking for injection mold processing manufacturers, they must carefully choose experienced factories that can help solve difficult and miscellaneous diseases. In order to ensure the accuracy, size and performance stability of the injection mold. So, do you know the detailed steps of plastic injection mold manufacturing and processing?

The Chinese and Japanese team of Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Processing Factory has served 200+ Chinese and Japanese companies, and has produced 3000+ technical achievements in products with ingenuity. It has 20 years of experience in product design and development, and provides consulting services such as product design, product optimization, and mold design. Control the detailed cost of the production process, and achieve a higher cost performance on the basis of ensuring product quality. For the steps of injection mold manufacturing and processing, the following points are summarized:

1. Early intervention: It means that before the injection mold is manufactured, the mold engineers of the injection mold factory will intervene in the customer's product design, conduct technical reviews on the relevant details of product development and design, and clearly understand the product's accuracy, size and Other requirements, judge whether it meets the mass production standard through experience;

2. Mold quotation: After confirming that there is no problem with the product structure, and after the customer approves the technical solution of the injection mold factory, they can understand the cost list of mold manufacturing and processing, including labor, parts processing, mold materials, etc.;

3. Order: After the customer accepts the quotation, the order can be formally placed;

4. Mold design: The injection mold factory receives the order and arranges the mold structure design;

5. Mold processing: With the help of mold manufacturing and processing tools, perform mold processing related work on parts, fixtures, etc.;

6. Mold assembly: carefully assemble the mold parts after processing;

7. Mold trial: After the mold manufacturing process is completed, it must pass the trial evaluation before entering the mass production stage of injection molding.

The above is a brief introduction of the 'detailed steps of plastic injection mold manufacturing and processing' by Shanghai Mulan injection mold processing factory. If you are looking for an injection mold factory and want to solve technical problems related to mold opening and injection molding processing, please contact us by phone Our 20-year injection mold engineer, understand more technical details.
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